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Operating Agreement


Sandpiper Aire Development LLC, is an existing LLC formed under the laws of the State of Arizona and is presently in good standing.

Sandpiper Aire Development LLC, an Arizona LLC, dba Desert Sport Flyers will be used in the formation of a flying club being formed for the benefit of sport pilots by providing Light Sport Aircraft and a social club as a non-profit organization to promote flying for recreation.

The founders of the flying club have restored a 1946 Ercoupe 415C, N3376H, SN 4001. This aircraft is nearing completion of the restoration and is expected to be finished and ready for flying in February 2018. Presently there are no available options for sport pilots to gain access to aircraft without owning the appropriate type of aircraft. The founders believe that we can open membership in the club to 15 pilots and create a very affordable way to have a recreational flying and social club that will qualify for IRS non-profit status. To qualify as a non-profit entity, the club has to be classified as a social club. The club will have monthly meetings that will be a social gathering as well as a forum for any flying issues, to include safety briefings and information on aircraft systems. Some pilots may have friends or spouses who would like to attend meetings and be included as non-flying members. Social memberships may be made available if there is any interest.

The founders will be managing members of the LLC and officers of the flying club. The flying club, itself, will be a member of the LLC. The LLC will acquire title to the aircraft and all members of the club will own an equal share of all the assets of the club. Club officers will be elected annually. Officers will be: Manager, Secretary, Maintenance Officer, and Treasurer.

Monthly dues will be set at $150.00. Monthly payments entitle a member to two hours flying time for that month. This monthly flying time credit is not carried over. If not used, these hours expire at the end of the month. Additional hours will be available at $50.00 each. All hours are “wet”. It is planned for there to be a credit card to be kept with the aircraft to be used for purchasing fuel. If a member pays for fuel from their own funds, they will be reimbursed when the receipt is submitted to the club treasurer.

Prospective members must apply to the club with an application form. The application must be approved by the club officers. In addition, the pilot’s name and flying experience will be submitted to the insurance underwriter for acceptance. Qualifications must include an appropriate FAA license with all FAA requirements needed for flying Light Sport Aircraft having been satisfied. The pilot’s flying experience will be stated on the form and will be kept up to date during their membership in the flying club. Each applicant shall have a check ride in the aircraft they intend to fly before scheduling flights in the club aircraft.

Initially, the maximum number of members will be limited to 15. When the number of members reaches 15, the club secretary will maintain a waiting list.

If a member leaves the club, the next person on the waiting list will be invited to submit an application. When the club acquires additional aircraft, the club officers will determine how many additional members will be admitted.

If, after becoming a member, anyone becomes delinquent in the payment of dues for a period of 60 days; their membership is subject to being terminated. When a notice is given by certified mail, 15 days is allowed for curing the delinquency. After 15 days from mailing of said notice, if the delinquency is not cured, all of the member’s rights and interest in the club are terminated.

If it is determined by a vote of the members that the club is to be dissolved, all aircraft and other asserts owned by the club shall be sold and all funds held by the club shall be distributed equally among the members of the club.

The club shall maintain insurance on each club aircraft for the value of the aircraft and for liability in the amount of $1,000,000. Members may obtain additional insurance for their own protection if they so desire.

The club secretary shall maintain an on-line scheduling calendar and each reservation made by a member shall be entered on that calendar. This calendar will be available for review by all members on the club’s web site. If a scheduled flight will not be made, it shall be cancelled on the calendar as soon as a member knows the flight will not be made.

A flight report form shall be filled out for each flight. These reports shall be maintained in a binder in the aircraft. Each member shall report the need for any maintenance that renders the aircraft unflyable. In addition to the flight report, the member shall notify the maintenance officer so that the other scheduled users can be notified if the aircraft will not be available for a scheduled flight.

Each user is expected to tidy up the aircraft and service it with full fuel and oil (if needed) at the end of each flight.