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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the initial buy in?

There is no initial buy in. A portion of the monthly dues will go toward purchasing a share of the club assets.

How much will monthly dues be?

Monthly dues will be &150 per month. 2 hours flight time (wet) per month will be included.

How are members charged for flight time?

There will be 2 hours wet flight time covered by your monthly fee. Additional time will be based on an hourly tach reading and will be $50 per. Rates will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. There is NO sales tax charged as you will be an owner, not a renter.

How many members are in the club?

We are initially seeking up to 15 members.

Are you insured? Do I need my own renters insurance?

We will have liability and hull coverage.  Members may obtain additional insurance for their own protection if they so desire.

How is scheduling handled?

Scheduling will be done online, using this web based app