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Club Budget

FLYING CLUB BUDGET (No initial buy in)

INCOME:                                       Monthly                                  Annual

  1. Dues (15 mbrs @ 150/mo)                      2,250                              27,000

  2. Additional hours     ([email protected])                       750                                9,000

Total                                                          3,000                              36,000


  1. Aircraft Payment                                          500                                6,000

  2. Insurance                                                     500                                 6,000

  3. Hangar                                                         270                                 3,240

  4. Fuel                                                           1,125                               13,500

  5. Supplies                                                       100                                 1,200

  6. Reserves for Maint                                      505                                  6,060

Total                                                           3,000                                36,000

Comparison to other light sport flying options

I can find no one in the Tucson area who rents LSA's.

Here are a couple of examples elsewhere in the state.



Technically Advanced Light Sport

Horsepower: 100 

Seats: 2 

Rate: $115/hour 


Flight Design CTLS available for 

rental and training.  Block 

time rental as low as $92.00/hr 

(Not sure how much time you would need to block for that rate but straight hourly is probably more.)

In addition to a long drive, rental still costs a lot more than our club model.

Outright ownership.

Owning an aircraft is expensive. Once you plunk 10's of thousands of dollars down to buy one, you have tie down/hanger fees, routine maintenance and repairs, annual inspections, fuel and oil, insurance, etc. Many of these are fixed costs regardless of how often the plane is flown. 

Fixed Costs per aircraft

Tie down fees per month.            $75

Insurance per year estimated  $1200

Annual inspection                    $1000

Before you even take a flight or pay for any fuel, oil or maintenance/repairs you are paying  $3100 per year, simply to own and keep an aircraft.

Not only is it less costly to share initial acquisition costs. so it is also with operating costs.

Equity share ownership clubs.

I can find no flying clubs in the Tucson area who operate Light Sport aircraft

Below are examples of general aviation Arizona flying clubs. Their aircraft of course, are more expensive to operate than the typical Light Sport plane

Club #1 Phoenix AZ (Private pilots)

54 members 4 aircraft Capped at 15 members per plane

$4500 initial buy in $4250 refundable if you leave.

Monthly dues $125 does not include any flight time.

Cheapest aircraft $99 per hour

Club #2 Chandler AZ (Private pilots)

45 members 3 aircraft

8 on waiting list

$3000 initial buy in, refundable if you leave

Monthly dues $100 does not include any flight time.

Cheapest Aircraft $100 hour

Club #3 Tucson AZ (Private pilots)

35 members 3 aircraft

$1100 initial buy in $1000 refundable if you leave

Monthly dues $99 does not include any flight time

Cheapest aircraft $95 per  hour