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Desert Sport Flyers Meeting Minutes Sunday 7-29-18  Bob Rills office.

In attendance were members Frank Morris,  Bob Rill, Jim Taylor, Lyn Taylor, guests and hopefully future members Ryan Close and Mark Gregory and guest John Kerekes.

President Lyn Taylor opened the meeting shortly after 2pm  by recognizing Bob Rill for allowing us to meet in his air conditioned office. 
Thanks Bob!

Lyn gave a treasurer report where he stated that he is currently subsidizing the club expenses but is determined that we will make the club work with it's current structure.

Secretary Jim Taylor went over the minutes from the last meeting. Old business was updated to reflect that we have installed a push to talk switch on the right seat yoke allowing comms from that side as well.
Also, we have completed the STC increasing gross take off weight to 1320 lbs and we have installed a mode C transponder.

New business is that the aircraft is currently undergoing a top end overhaul. As of this submission, work continues, but is expected to be wrapped up this week.

It was mentioned that the oil temp in the plane reaches the beginning of the red line but does not extend any further. It was determined that we will need to keep on eye on this and see how it goes after the overhaul.

It was determined that any paid hours unused from the month of July can be carried over, due to the plane being down for maintenance.

It was mentioned that the club insurance will cover primary training for club members.
This could be a draw for new members and we definitely need to increase membership.
It was determined that the club will consider allowing this on a case by case basis.

Ryan Close was introduced. If I remember correctly, Ryan is a helo pilot transitioning to fixed wing and would like to build hours and is interested in our club.
Welcome Ryan!

Mark Gregory was introduced. Mark is an A&P and is interested in our club. He brought us some aircraft cleaning wipes from his company, they will no doubt come in handy.
Thanks and Welcome Mark!

John Kerekes was introduced. John is organizing a Light sport fly-in at San Manuel in October. It was agreed that this is a great thing to further light sport aviation and that the club will support and help however we can.
Thanks for coming John! 

Meeting was adjourned shortly after 3pm.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Jim Taylor

Club meeting 2pm this Sunday July 29th at Bob Rills office on Oracle road Contact me if you need the directions. [email protected]

Desert Sport Flyers Meeting Minutes Sunday 4-22-18 Ryan field hanger.

In attendance were members Frank Morris, Milt Ogden, Lyn Taylor, Jim Taylor, Dana Christian, Andrew Johnson and guests (hopefully future members) Bob Rill and John Worth.

President Lyn Taylor opened the meeting by passing out the treasurer report and revised flying club agreement.

The club is not yet fully self supporting, but we are well on our way.

Secretary Jim (Jeff) Taylor introduced the Ad Hoc officer committee consisting of Lyn -President

Jim-Secretary, Jerry Witt (not in attendance) Aircraft Maintenance officer.

Also introduced Milt Ogden-club instructor. Milt will be returning to Washington State for the summer and is available until May 8th.

We can find alternate instructors for members who need instruction and check rides while Milt is out of town.

As Jerry was unable to attend, Jim attempted to give a maintenance report. The coupe does leak a little oil, most likely the pushrod tube seals. This is not uncommon and just means that we need to be diligent about checking the oil during pre-flight and keeping the level at 4 quarts.

Also, Jerry would like members to try to prevent dripping oil onto the exhaust manifold when checking it by just holding a rag underneath the dipstick. We will also look into replacing the “top quality” cut off water bottle funnel with a proper one for oil filling.

Jim mentioned the torn passenger window channel which needs to be replaced. In the meantime, pilots can guide the window when closing it by pulling down slightly on the edge while closing it to keep it within the channel.

Milt and Frank mentioned that comms to tower are only possible from the pilot side headset.

It was decided that we will look into purchasing and installing an additional PTT switch for the right seat so that both seats will be able to communicate outside the aircraft.

Mention was made that we are pursuing the STC for increasing gross take off weight to 1320 lbs.

Secretary was unclear whether this is completed yet.

It was also brought up that we have a mode C transponder that will be installed in the aircraft in the near future.

Andrew Johnson brought up an issue with a venturi tube interfering with control column travel. He and Lyn resolved that issue.

Meeting was adjourned at 3pm and was followed by general, informal discussion.

Next months meeting is not yet scheduled and will be announced soon.

Respectfully submitted by Secretary Jim Taylor


We are a group of Light Sport pilots in Southern Arizona. We have found that there is a lack of Light Sport aircraft available for rent or LSA flying clubs in the area . Once you get your license, the only option to use it seems to be purchasing your own aircraft, but many people can't afford tens of thousands of dollars for an airplane they might fly once a week.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the cost by starting an equity share ownership flying club.

We also want to build a community and enjoy the camaraderie and friendship such clubs can bring with social events and meetings, knowledge sharing, ongoing safety training, and just hanging out with other pilots.