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Temporary information/test site for the club

Club is formed and members are flying! Memberships are available!!

April meeting is Sunday April 22nd at 3pm at  our hangar at Ryan field, Tucson AZ

  Our future scheduling app   AIRCRAFT BOOKING 

Big NEWS!!

We have acquired aircraft for the club!!!

Under the direction of a local A&P IA, we are currently  working to ready them for club use.

The first one to be ready will be an Ercoupe 415C. Another Ercoupe 415C is in progress. 

Future additions are a Stitts Playboy experimental tail dragger and possibly an experimental MiniMax Z-Max tail dragger.

Stay tuned for updates!


We are a group of Light Sport pilots in Southern Arizona. We have found that there is a lack of Light Sport aircraft available for rent or LSA flying clubs in the area . Once you get your license, the only option to use it seems to be purchasing your own aircraft, but many people can't afford tens of thousands of dollars for an airplane they might fly once a week.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the cost by starting an equity share ownership flying club.

We also want to build a community and enjoy the camaraderie and friendship such clubs can bring with social events and meetings, knowledge sharing, ongoing safety training, and just hanging out with other pilots.